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As one of Japan’s oldest patent offices, Asamura has been building its expertise and experience for over a century.

We provide insight and clear, tailored guidance at every stage of the trademark process:

・ Application to the Japan Patent Office
・ Application to overseas patent offices
・ Trademark registration support
・ Support with official correspondence during registration
・ International trademark registration based on Madrid Agreement Protocol (and Madrid Agreement) with WIPO
・ Trademark registration application to European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for rights acquisition in each EU member country.
・Video conferencing (Teams, Zoom) is available upon request. We ensure proper communication at all times.

Trademark search

Prior Search

Make sure that no one else has registered the same trademark or a similar one. If someone has beaten you to it, your application will not be accepted. Taking this easy first step could save you from a lot of issues later on.

Usage Search

We can also investigate the current usage of a registered trademark by its owner. If a trademark is not being utilized, you can apply for it to be cancelled.

Trademark Information

We can look through the records of the Japan Patent Office to find information about trademark application or registration.


Our support team will guide you through the process of applying to register your trademark. Whatever jurisdiction you are applying in, we will make sure you do not miss anything.

Presentation and amendment

If there is a problem with your application, you will be given an opportunity to overturn the refusal. Our expert team will help you understand exactly what the problem was and work with you to resolve it.


If the refusal cannot be resolved, we can help you launch a legal appeal.

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