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Our Services

Our Services

We provide global expertise, grounded in history and heritage.

Since ASAMURA IP P.C. was founded in 1891, the world has witnessed a technological revolution that has affected nearly every aspect of modern life. This explosion of complexity has made intellectual property law even more important for modern companies.

For over 120 years, we have used our expertise and flexibility to help businesses protect their property through patents, trademarks and design rights.

Our Services




What makes us different

From our simple beginnings, we have grown into a trusted IP partner for medium to large companies all over the world. We have built our reputation through providing excellent service and building long-term, productive relationships with IP law firms in every continent.


Since our founding, we have built our services on three generations of expertise and experience. We have worked successfully with clients of all sizes and from all sectors, and we can help you get the result you want.

The right team

We appoint the right patent attorney for you, your sector and the technology you are looking to patent. Our large network of overseas agents means that we can always find someone with the right skillset for you.


Our R&D team works to get hold of every bit of information that could be relevant to your application. We don’t believe in nasty surprises so we always work hard to make sure we identify early any potential obstacles for your application.


Every case is unique and every business is different. We work with our clients from the start of the process to the very end, making sure the planning and strategy are right. Our multi-asset team can give ongoing support to develop your business and its intellectual property.