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Our History


The world was a very different place when Asamura Patent Office was founded in 1891. When Mr Saburo Asamura opened his office, telephones were only beginning to become widely commercially available. In the century that followed, the company has seen the technology transform the way people live their lives. Intellectual property has played a central role in fostering this innovation, helping great companies stand out from the competition and benefit from their creativity. Today, we are always looking to develop and get better. But everything we do is rooted in our rich history and experience of working with companies from all over the world.

YearEvents at Asamura Patent OfficeHistorical Events
1891The Japan Patent Office), Mr. Saburo Asamura (first Senior Managing Partner) leaves the Japan Patent Office and opens his own patent attorney office in Osaka.
1899The Regulation for Registration of Patent Attorneys is enacted.
The Patent Law, the Design Law and the Trademark Law are drastically revised.
1921The Patent Attorneys Law is enacted.
1947The firm moves from Osaka to Tokyo. Mr. Narihisa Asamura (second Senior Managing Partner) succeeds to the presidency of the firm.
1958The firm moves to the New Ohtemachi Bldg.
1973Mr. Kiyoshi Asamura (third Senior Managing Partner) succeeds to the presidency of the firm.
1976The firm's name is formally registered in English as "Asamura Patent Office".
1991The firm celebrates its 100th Anniversary.
The firm's logo is registered as a [popup_trigger id='6694' tag="span"]service mark[/popup_trigger].
2001The firm celebrates its 110th Anniversary.
2008Asamura Patent Office, p.c. (Professional Corporation) was established and registered in the name of Mr. Kiyoshi Asamura as the representative of the corporation.
2011The firm moves to Tennoz Central Tower. (The firm's 120th Anniversary is celebrated.) ASAMURA LAW OFFICES was established. The firm celebrates its 120th Anniversary.
2014Mr. Ken Kanai succeeds to the presidency of the firm.
2015Asamura Partners was established.
2016The firm's 125th Anniversary is celebrated.
2019Mr. Masahiro Asamura succeeds to the presidency of the firm.