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Utilise your designs to gain a competitive edge with our highly skilled patent attorneys.

Protecting your product designs is an important way of maintaining your company’s unique identity and competitive advantage in your market. Getting it right can give you exclusive design right for a maximum of 20 years.

We can help you use the design right protection to your advantage, by providing detailed support and clear guidance at every step of the process:

In addition, our expert team can support your application in a number of other ways:

  • Application filing to the Japan Patent Office (JPO)
  • Application to overseas patent offices
  • Trademark registration
  • Support with official correspondence during registration
  • International registration support/International design registration for WIPO based on the Hague agreement
     and Geneva revised agreement.


Conducting a search is an important first step. You want to make sure that your new design can be registered, but also whether it could infringe any existing products in the market. Finding this out after you make your design available could be costly.

Intermediate procedures

We can help you with a broad range of intermediate steps, from providing updates as to the stage your application has reached to dealing with decisions of refusal.

Post-registration management

Getting your application accepted is only the beginning, you will be required to do some post-registration management. We can assist you every step of the way, from paying your annual fees to adapting your application in light of any important changes.


Having a successful application does not protect you from legal challenges. Our team of patent attorneys work with you to make sure that these challenges are not successful.

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