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Japan: International Application Fees Revised

Jun 9, 2022

Japan: International Application Fees Revised


The fees for filing international applications with the Japan Patent Office have been revised and will be partially increased effective July 1, 2022. The increase is due to the recent and ongoing depreciation of the yen.


Type of Fee


Amount of money

Before June 30, 2022

After July 1, 2022

Price increase

JPO accepts international applications

International application fee
(A fee valid on the day the international application is accepted)

Up to 30 sheets of international application (A)

159,500 Yen

179,000 Yen

19,500 Yen

For each sheet of more than 30 sheets (B)

   1,800 Yen

    2,000 Yen

    200 Yen

Reduction for filing an online application
(Reduction from the total amount of A and B)

▲36,000 Yen

▲40,400 Yen

▲4,400 Yen

If JPO is an international preliminary examination body
(A fee valid on the payment date)

Handling Fee

24,000 Yen

26,900 Yen

2,900 Yen


Example of calculation for an international application in Japanese when JPO is the receiving Office, international search organization, and international preliminary examination organization

 January 1, 2022
     March 31, 2022

April 1, 2022
    June 30 to date

  On and after July 1, 2022

international filing fee for 30 pages

204,900 Yen

283,500 Yen

298,600 Yen

international filing fee for 40 pages

221,900 Yen

301,500 Yen

318,600 Yen

Fees for requesting international preliminary examination including 3 inventions

  80,000 Yen

114,000 Yen

116,900 Yen


Please refer to the JPO website, Notice of Revision of Fees for International Applications (jpo.go.jp).

For details on the revisions, please refer to the WIPO website (PCT Gazette dated May 5, 2022) (link to external site).