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Singapore: IPOS introduces new filing system (IPOS Digital Hub) and fees

Arp 26, 2022

Singapore: IPOS introduces new filing system (IPOS Digital Hub) and fees


The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has introduced a new filing system, the IPOS Digital Hub, in place of its previous e- service platform (EOS: Electronic Online System), along with process changes and updates to fees.


Filing Requirements and Transition to IPOS Digital Hub

The following measures have been established as a transitional period to the new system.

EOS will be discontinued on April 29, 2022 at 00:00, and IPOS will start operation on May 4, 2022 at 00:00. The deadline for the new system, which falls between April 29, 2022 and May 8, 2022, will be automatically extended to the next business day, May 9, 2022.




1. If the international application is filed and published in a language other than English, applicants will no longer need to file a form and pay a separate fee to request for publication of the English translation. Once the English translation is submitted with the request for entry into the national phase, the application will be published in English and the publication will give the applicant provisional rights, including the right to claim damages, from the date of publication.

The amendments will apply to all international applications entered into the national phase in Singapore after the effective date of the amendments (April 29, 2022). For international applications before the effective date, a separate request and fee will be required for the publication of the English translation.


2. Only a maximum of two figures may be included in the abstract.


3. The applicant is not required to submit a copy of the earlier related application or its English translation if the documents have already been submitted under prescribed circumstances during patent examination proceedings.


4. All sequence listings in patent applications should be filed in accordance with WIPO ST.26 standard as of July 1, 2022. Applications filed on or after July 1, 2022 must be in ST.26 standard.


5. If the examiner determines that the application may be allowed with minor amendments to the specification, the examiner may issue a notice requesting the applicant to make such amendments within two months. An example of such a minor amendment would be an amendment to address erroneous claim dependencies

If such a minor amendment does not resolve the issue, the examiner may issue an initial or further opinion as per existing correspondence.

The applicant has the option of either actively declining the request for amendment by submitting the prescribed form or leaving the request for amendment open until the response deadline has elapsed. In either case, the examiner may issue an initial or additional opinion in accordance with existing practice.

The new practice will apply to the following types of applications:

          a) All patent applications for which substantive examination has been initiated but not yet completed as of the effective date (April 29, 2022)

          b) All requests for substantive examination filed on or after the effective date (April 29, 2022).

However, the new regulations do not apply to existing applications for which supplemental examination is in progress or being sought.


6. If during substantive examination it is found that an application contains more than one invention, examination may be limited to the first invention recited in the claims, and the applicant will be notified accordingly.


7. Requests to inspect applications made after the effective date (April 29, 2022) will only be available to claimants with an IPOS Digital Hub account.


8. Singapore residents may request written authorization to file a patent application outside of Singapore without the need for an IPOS Digital Hub account after the effective date. IPOS will communicate with the applicant via e-mail.


9. Official Fees (excerpt)


Application Fee                            170    SG$ (Old rate    160  SG$)

Request for search report                                1,735  SG$   (Old rate 1,650  SG$)

Request for examination report                        1,420  SG$   (Old rate 1,350  SG$)

Request for search report                                2,050  SG$   (Old rate 1,950  SG$)

Fee to grant a patent                210     SG$     (Old rate    200  SG$)

Excess claim fee                                           40   SG$/per claim (Old rate 40  SG$/per claim)

Annuities(from the first year of filing)

                        5th year               165      SG$  (Old rate       140  SG$)

                      6th year              165      SG$   (Old rate       140  SG$)

                   7th year              165      SG$   (Old rate       140  SG$)

                   8th year              430      SG$   (Old rate       370  SG$)

                   9th year              430      SG$   (Old rate       370  SG$)

                   10th year              430      SG$   (Old rate        370  SG$)

                   11th year            600   SG$ (Old rate     520  SG$)

                   12th year              600   SG$      (Old rate     520  SG$)

                               13th year            600   SG$   (Old rate      520  SG$)

                          14th year            775   SG$     (Old rate      670  SG$)

                          15th year            775   SG$   (Old rate        670  SG$)

                          16th year            775   SG$   (Old rate        670  SG$)

                          17th year            945   SG$   (Old rate        820  SG$)

                          18th year            945   SG$   (Old rate        820  SG$)

                          19th year            945   SG$   (Old rate        820  SG$)

                          20th year            1,120  SG$ (Old rate        970  SG$)

                          21st year            1,380  SG$ (Old rate     1,200  SG$)

                          22th year            1,380  SG$ (Old rate     1,200  SG$)

                          23th year            1,380  SG$ (Old rate     1,200  SG$)

                          24th year            1,380  SG$ (Old rate     1,200  SG$)

                          25th year            1,380  SG$ (Old rate     1,200  SG$)



For further details on the procedures and fee revisions, please refer to the IPOS website