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Yulia Gorovaya

International Business Coordinator

Yulia Gorovaya


Yulia Gorovaya is an International Business Coordinator for Asamura Patent Office, p.c. She is responsible for planning PR campaigns, interpreting correspondence, as well as assisting with IP related projects or research to ensure effective communication with clients. She works closely with patent attorneys to troubleshoot any foreign client issues and helps her team achieve its maximum potential. Our foreign clients can be assured that they are completely taken care of in the hands of Yulia and her team.
Yulia holds a MA degree in Culture and Communication from Waseda University.

BA (Hons) in Translation/Interpretation, Pyatigorsk State Linguistics University (September 2010)
International House London, the UK, CELTA (December 2012)
Kudan Japanese Language Institute (December 2013)
MA in International Culture and Communication, Waseda University, Graduate School of Culture and Communication (September 2016)
Professional career
Translator/Editor, TED OPEN ONLINE PROJECT, the US (January 2013 – September 2014)
Material Developer, Lingoda, Germany (November-2014 – April 2015)
Education Consultant, World Connections (Venture Generations) Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (March-2015 - December-2016); special project – the Ministry of Defense (MBA guidance)
BE trainer/consultant, By Zoo, Tokyo (December 2016 – July 2018)
International Business Coordinator, Asamura Patent Office, p.c. (August 2018 – present)
The Administrative Department
Specialty Fields
PR, Translation/Interpretation, Executive Administrative Assistant
CELTA (Cambridge University), JLPT N2, TestDaf (German B2), Hebrew (Gimel)
Major seminars
Lecturer in Global Politics and International Relations at the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo, Japan (August, 2016)
Playing the piano, photography, reading, traveling
I assist with IP related projects and events, coordinate PR activities, interpret correspondence and focus on strengthening our company’s global presence in the IP sector.
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