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Takashi Wada


Takashi Wada


Takashi Wada joined Asamura Law Offices in 2017 where he serves as a lawyer.
He educated himself across a range of biotechnology including molecular biology, gene engineering,biochemistry, plant physiology, organic chemistry at the International Christian University and the University of Tokyo. And then he did his research which analyze an enzyme(ploygalacturonase) activity, a stress tolerant plant, and a mitochondorial maternal inheritance mechanism.
He earned his J.D. in 2012 from Shinshu University, where he focused his study on intellectual property law under Prof. Ichiro Nakayama.
Before joining the firm, he had worked at Japan Patent Office, and had been in charge of amendments to a treaty(PCT) and rules related the Patent Law. Also he had been in charge of a quality management of the patent examinations.

International Christian University, College of Liberal arts, Division of Nature Science, March 2007(B.A.)
University of Tokyo, Master of Biological Sciences, April 2008- March 2009
Shinshu University, Law School, March 2012(J.D.)
Professional career
Japan Patent Office, First Patent Examination Department, April 2008-February 2009
Legal Training and Research Institute, Supreme Court of Japan (69th trainee), November 2015-December 2016
Asamura Law Offices, january 2017-present
Examinations passed
Passed the National Bar Examination (Selected subject: Intellectual Property Law): September 2015
Asamura Law Offices
Japanese, English
Specialty Fields
Inter-parties trials (invalidation trials and cancellation trials), litigation rescinding a trial decision, appraisals, warning letter correspondence, licensing negotiations, infringement litigation, and contract drafting.
Daini Tokyo Bar Association, December 2016-present
Hillwalking, Traveling, Movies, Guitar, Viola, Pets, Kitchen garden, Bonsai(Satsuki)
Since I read Goethe's "Faust" at the days of being young, the theme which depicted in the book, "Experiences of the Entire Life", has become the theme of my life. The intellectual property rights are also a field that reflects the entire experiences of each individual, such as science & technology, arts, corporate strategy, national policy, and international relations, as well as law. As far as I join this field, your expectations will be more challenging. Therefore, I would like to build up my experiences, and then, for each case, I do my entire best I do.
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