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Naoki Matsukawa joined Asamura Law Offices in 2014 where he serves as a lawyer. At the Division of Biophysical Engineering, School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Mr. Matsukawa studied a broad range of subjects, including brain science and information system engineering. For his graduation work, he was involved in the development of handwriting recognition software which utilizes a neural network. While studying at the School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Mr. Matsukawa conducted research on the visual systems of the brain (including the system which allows people to perceive objects in motion).

While employed at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mr. Matsukawa was involved in the development and design of communications equipment for use in plant surveillance systems and sequencer communications equipment hardware (FPGA and ASIC circuit design, PCB design, factory automatic network protocol design, etc.) He was also involved in conducting performance evaluations for communications equipment, experiments in which devices are connected to communications equipment from other manufacturers, and similar activities. Mr. Matsukawa also concluded a non-disclosure agreement when involved in joint research with another company. In addition, he has experience in sales support and providing telephone consultations for customers.

In 2012, Mr. Matsukawa passed the National Bar Examination. After completing his legal training in 2013, he joined the Daini Tokyo Bar Association in the same year.

BSc in Biophysical Engineering, Osaka University, March, 1995
MSc in Physics, Osaka University, March, 1997
Completed Practical Legal Training Course, Osaka City University Law School, March, 2010
Professional career
Electric Systems Plant and Nagoya Plant, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, April 1997 - March 2007
Legal Training and Research Institute, Supreme Court of Japan (Shin-66th trainee), November 2012 - December 2013
Asamura Law Offices, January 2014 - present
Examinations passed
Passed the National Bar Examination (Selected subject: Economic Law) September 2012
Asamura Law Offices
Specialty Fields
Inter-parties trials (invalidation trials and cancellation trials), litigation rescinding a trial decision, appraisals, warning letter correspondence, licensing negotiations, infringement litigation, and contract drafting.
Class I Information Technology Engineer, 1999
Digital Type I Installation Technician 2002
Bar Associations and Other Memberships:
Daini Tokyo Bar Association, December 2013 - present
I became a lawyer after working for many years as a technical employee at an electrical manufacturer. I am able to provide clients with services they can count on by leveraging both my knowledge as a former technical employee and legal knowledge. I am looking forward to working with you.
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