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Takayuki Hatanaka is a Partner and Patent Attorney working in the Mechanical & Electrical Department of Asamura Patent Office, p.c. He has been a member of the firm since 2005.

He has a wealth of experience in patent work, including handling both patent applications from abroad and patent applications for foreign countries, and knowledge about patent prosecutions in different nations around the world.

In addition to patent applications, Mr. Hatanaka has a great amount of experience involving invalidation trials, litigation rescinding a trial decision, right infringement appraisals, searches, and infringement litigation.

Before joining our firm, Mr. Hatanaka worked for a decade in another patent office, where he was head of the patent section. Thanks to handling a large number of patent-related matters for a major overseas-based computer company, including patent applications, drafting warning letters, and appraisals. he was able to boost his instincts about patentability and learn more about using rights.

Mr. Hatanaka is actively involved in rights creation for small, medium, and large companies alike over a wide range of fields that include home electronics, ECAD, MCAD, acoustic simulation technology, handwriting recognition technology, semiconductor technology, automotive technology, lures, eyeglasses, chains, and even toys and novelty products.

Before entering the intellectual property rights field, he worked at NCR Japan, Ltd. where he tackled the development and design of printer control devices, the analysis of semiconductor products from other companies, development of single chip microprocessor units for wireless applications, and ASIC design.

BSc in Physics, Gakushuin University
(with a focus on semiconductor properties)
Professional career
Leader, Technology Development Department, NCR Co., Ltd.
Patent Section Head of a patent office
Examinations passed
Passed the Patent Attorney Examination:
October 2004

Registration for Patent Attorney:
February 2005
Registration Number of Patent Attorney:
Mechanical & Electrical Department
Japanese, English
Specialty Fields
Electronic engineering, information processing, software, semiconductor engineering, wireless and wired communication technologies, sensors, electronics, consumer electronics, ECAD, MCAD, acoustic simulation, handwriting recognition technology, semiconductor technology, automobiles, lures, eyeglasses, chains, toys, novelty items, etc.
Member of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA), 2005 - present
Member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), 2008 - present
A bit freakish about soccer (please ignore me if I start screaming in the stands (I’m not dangerous).
With concerts, I like classic, jazz, and opera, and prefer to get the cheap seats at concerts so I can go as many times as possible. 
By actively asking about consultations from clients, I prefer to increase the effectiveness of intellectual property together with my clients.
I like to create an image of the invention together, while talking with each other.
It would be an honor to be able to use my experience and technical background to help you, and I await your consultations.
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