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Yasuaki Yamaguchi is a Partner and Patent Attorney working in the Patent Administration Department of Asamura Patent Office, p.c.

Mr. Yamaguchi has worked at multiple international patent offices in Tokyo, with his responsibilities including domestic and overseas patents, utility models, designs, trademark rights, searches, appraisals, invalidation trials, license and other disputes, copyrights, and consulting for issues such as unfair competition.

Mr. Yamaguchi's primary fields of focus include amusements (hardware and software for games, pachinko machines, etc.), business methods for finance, network, and other businesses, image processing, other types of software, medical equipment, and communications equipment.

While working in the Intellectual Property Department of TOTO Co., Ltd., his work involved areas such as foreign and domestic patents, utility models, design rights, license negotiations, searches, infringements, invention discovery and employee awareness campaigns, pension management, and the establishment of employee invention regulations and invention award system.

At Asamura Patent Office, he is an active member of the Case Study Club, where he analyzes the most recent cases and provides his findings to people both inside and outside the firm.

BA in Political Science and Economics, College of Law, Nihon University, March 1988
Professional career
A. International Patent Office, Tokyo, September 1989 - December 1991
Lecturer, College of Law, Nihon University, April 1991 - March 1992
Intellectual Property Department, TOTO Co. Ltd., April 1992 to August 2000
B. International Patent Office, Tokyo, September 2000 - February 2009
C. International Patent Office, Tokyo, May 2009 - June 2010
Asamura Patent Office, p.c., July 2010 to present
Examinations passed
Passed the Patent Attorney Examination:
November 1990
Registration Number of Patent Attorney:
Patent Administration Department
Japanese, English
Specialty Fields

Management of overall patent work domestically and overseas

Specialty Fields: Amusements, including arcade games, play equipment, and portable game devices, business methods used by banks, brokerages, life insurance companies, network businesses, etc., home facilities, including sanitary ware, bidets, unit baths, and system kitchens, quake-absorbing structures, image processing, ETC, road facility management for traffic signals, traffic signs, etc., injection molding, screen printing, fuel batteries (SOFC), etc.

Designs (including designs for electrical tools, small-sized heaters, home facilities, fans for air conditioning, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, test devices, routers, and modems), general trademark related matters, advice regarding regulations for employee inventions and bonuses for inventions, unfair competition (specifically trade secrets, dead copies, copyright infringement, etc.), intellectual property value assessment, copyrights (specifically network related copyrights such as program registrations, transmission rights, public transmission rights), and patent maps

Major seminars
Lecturer, the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Life Science Intellectual Property Seminar (Patent Investigations, Overseas Systems, etc.), 2006
Lecturer, the Intellectual Property for SME Venture Corporations Seminar (Industrial Design Promotion Seminar), 2008
Lecturer, the Japan Patent Attorneys Association Kanto Branch Office Intellectual Property Seminar (Copyright), 2010
Lecturer, Copyright, Fujisawa City Citizens’ Activity Promotion Center (Fujisawa NPO Café), 2011
Lecturer, Copyright, Yokohama City Kanazawa Ward Citizens’ Activity Center, 2012
(The Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA))

Member of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
Member of the Committee to Spread and Enhance the Patent System (now the Public Relations Center), 1991
Counseling staff at Permanent Patent Consultation Office, 2000 - present
Member of the IP Distribution and Mobilization Committee (now the IP Promotion Committee), 2005
Researcher at the Central Research Institute of Intellectual Property (On IP Trusts), 2006
Member of Copyright Committee, 2007
Member of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law Committee, 2009
Member of Copyright Committee, 2010
Evaluator Candidate, Intellectual Property Evaluation Promotion Center, 2010 - present
Counseling Staff, Permanent Patent Consultation Office (Copyright Consultation Office), 2011 - present

Assistant Arbitrator, Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center, 2004 - 2007
Researcher at the Central Research Institute of Intellectual Property (On IP Trusts), 2006
Patent Consultant, Chigasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2009
Director, Shonan Hatsumei Shinko Kyokai (NPO), 2009
Investigator, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Waterfront Consultation Committee Member), 2010 - present
Support Advisor, Fujisawa City NPO, 2012 - present
“Copyright of the animated cartoon” (joint author) Patent (August 2008)
“Registration Systems for Copyrights in Foreign Countries” (joint author) Patent (September 2011)
"Patent" column in the magazine Invention and Q&A, issued by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) (April 2011)
“Defeat the competitor! Really strong patent practice ~ correspondence of dispute, know-hows of the patent strategy development, and case studies~” (joint author) JOHOKIKO Co., Ltd.(May 2016)
Gardening (flowers, vegetables, fruit trees)
Watching sports (especially the Hanshin Tigers, NBA, rugby, and sumo)
A weekend swimmer for the past ten years to keep in shape (crawl specialist)
Used to play some tennis, ping pong, baseball, and so on.
My experiences with a wide range of clients, from major corporations, SMEs, and venture corporations, to individuals, universities, government departments, and NPOs, covering a range of work in every areas of the law, means I am able to provide clients with optimal advice through a multifaceted grasp of products, services, and business models.
In addition, my experiences in corporate IP departments mean that I am well versed in not only IP work within a company but also work related to IP (budget management, pension management, invention rewards and other incentives, employee training, and so on), and can deal with a range of needs, great or small, hard or easy.
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