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Ryota HARA

Patent Attorney (Trademark and Design)

Ryota HARA


Ryota Hara is a patent attorney working in the Trademark and Design Department of Asamura Patent Office, p.c. On joining Asamura Patent Office in 2007, he worked in trademark renewal management and trademark transfer registration. He later focused on domestic and overseas trademark issues.

After graduating from Meiji University with a B.A. in Politics, Mr. Hara joined an overseas shipping company, and was assigned to work in New Jersey for a year. He later joined Yamanashi Gakuin University’s Law School, where he studied civil and criminal law.

Mr. Hara passed the Patent Attorney Examination in 2011 and joined the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) in 2012.

BA in Politics, Meiji University, March 1996
Completion of Law School, Yamanashi Gakuin University, March 2007
Professional career
Employed at a overseas shipping company, 1996 - 2002
Examinations passed
Passed the Patent Attorney Examination:
November 2011

Registration for Patent Attorney:
February 2012
Registration Number of Patent Attorney:
Trade & Design Department
Japanese, English
Specialty Fields
Trademarks, designs (domestic applications and applications for foreign countries), unfair competition, transfer registration procedures for trademark and design rights, procedures trademark rights, seizures for counterfeit goods and detection of smugglers in Southeast Asia, etc.
TOEIC (score: 940), 2004
Member of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA), 2012 - present
“Kikkoman's Bottle Design Protected in Russia” (joint-author), Intellectual Property
 Prism (Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry). (January 2018)
Reading and futsal
I am able to assist clients with a wide variety of matters through cooperation with various senior patent attorneys who are deeply experienced in domestic cases as well as highly capable proxies for foreign matters. I feel that it is important to proceed with cases by analyzing client problems from various angles and by communicating well with clients. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your interest.
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