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Hiroaki Kakinuma is a patent engineer in the Mechanical & Electrical Department at Asamura Patent Office, p.c. Since joining the firm in 2006, he has been involved with general patent application work (domestic patent applications, patent applications from abroad, and patent applications for foreign countries) in fields such as semiconductor equipment, devices, materials, optical devices, and magnetic devices.

In graduate school, Dr. Kakinuma researched super dielectric crystal growth and its properties. After joining Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., he worked in the company's Research & Development Department, where he researched amorphous silicone electrophotographic photoreceptors, image sensors, thin-film transistors, GaAs, InP compound semiconductor crystal growth and ultrafast photodiodes, and applications to solar cells. He received his Doctorate in 1987. He is a member of the Japan Society of Applied Physics.
Dr. Kakinuma had an interest in complex systems (chaos, fractals, etc.) before, but now his interests are in elementary particles theory.

BSc in Applied Physics, Waseda University
Ph.D. in Physics and Applied Physics, Waseda University
Professional career
Research & Development Department, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Research & Development Association for Future Electron Devices
Learning Business Group, Oki Human Network Co., Ltd
Mechanical & Electrical Department
Specialty Fields
Crystal growth, thin films, inorganic materials, silicon/compound semiconductor device (transistor, photodiode, and laser) structures and processes, quantum-effect devices, spin applied devices, superconducting devices, nanotechnology (materials, structures, and devices),  sensors, magnetic devices and memories, displays (LCDs,  ELDs, and electronic paper), solar cells, fuel cells, lithium-ion cells, electrophotography, vacuum and plasma devices, optical devices, devices using lasers, electron beams, or ion beams, and devices for physics and chemical analysis
Listening to music (collecting used CDs and high sound quality CDs), art (impressionist and surrealist art), skiing (despite not having skied recently), and beer drinking (especially Belgian beer and microbrewed beer)
In addition to standard patent applications, I am also able to assist clients with patent applications involving difficult matters to understand physical principles and highly futuristic concepts.
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