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Yuri ITO

Patent Attorney (Trademark and Design)

Yuri ITO


Yuri Ito is a patent attorney working in the Patent Administration Department of Asamura Patent Office, p.c. She joined the firm in 2008.

After joining the firm, Ms. Ito passed the Patent Attorney Examination while carrying out general office work. After registering as a patent attorney, she started working with general patent applications in the Patent Administration Department, with a focus on domestic patent applications and PCT applications.

Ms. Ito is also a member of our in-house case study group, where she writes notices on judicial decisions.

Diploma in Fashion, Dressmaker Gakuin, March 2007
Diploma in Business and English, Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, March 2008
B.A. in Law, Chuo University, March 2016
Professional career
Entered Asamura Patent Office, p.c., April 2008
Examinations passed
Passed the Patent Attorney Examination:
November 2012

Registration for Patent Attorney:
April 2013
Registration Number of Patent Attorney:
Trademark & Design Department
Japanese, English
Specialty Fields
General application matters with a focus on domestic and PCT applications, name changes, general registration related matters such as transfers, trademarks, copyrights (including related rights), unfair competition (product display, trade secrets, etc.)
TOEIC (score: 920)
EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency (Grade Pre-1)
Member of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA), April 2013 - present
Workbook indicating intelligible solving processes for Patent Attorneys’ the past First-Stage Examination” (Hogakushoin, Co-Author) (2013)
Solo travel, hot yoga, sewing, eating at various restaurants, and pub crawling
There are probably many people who feel awkward to set foot inside a patent office because most people hardly ever face patent related issues in daily life. I strive to become the type of patent attorney who makes people like these feel comfortable so that they can contact me whenever they would like to discuss an issue. Thank you very much for your interest.
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