A trend in recent years has been to raise product quality and provide added value. In line with this has come a rising awareness of the need to protect rights in these products. A design appeals directly, and in an easily understood way, to our sensibilities. Because of this, a design is an important way to raise quality and provide added value in a product.
Strategic use of designs is called for in most fields in which products compete and in technologically mature fields. An independent protection system is established by the Design Act. An article that satisfies the requirements can be registered to obtain a design right and receive protection in the form of an exclusive design right extending for a maximum of 20 years from the time of registration. The highly experienced patent attorneys at Asamura Patent Office look forward to supporting your company in its registering of design rights.

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The registration of a design right involves not only the entire design of an article, but also extends to a part of the overall design or a certain set of multiple products—what is called a system design. Designs that change in shape based on the functions of the article are also accepted.
Let us show you how to utilize the design right protection system for your product design. So, if you have any designs currently under investigation, why not talk to us first?


Conducting a search is not simply about whether a new design can be registered. Prior to producing a new product for sale, it is wise to carry out a search of prior registered designs in order to find out whether the design of the new product might infringe existing design rights of another party. Asamura Patent Office is happy to support you by conducting a search of prior registered designs in various fields with existing design registrations.


When you are considering making an application to register your design, Asamura Patent Office can help by identifying what can be protected. Doing so helps you obtain a strong design right. We select the appropriate type of application and handle all procedures from preparation of the drawings through to the final stages of application. Our highly experienced draughtsmen specialize in design drawings and can meet your needs down to the finest detail.

Intermediate procedures

We support our clients over a broad range of intermediate procedures, providing timely advice appropriate to the stage that your application procedures are at, from notifying reasons of refusal through to dealing with a decision of refusal.

Post-registration management

Our services encompass important post-registration management, including timely support for payment procedures for the annual registration fee. We are also there for our clients when they make post-registration applications of various kinds following important changes in, for example, company name or address or organizational structure (such as an amalgamation), or when transferring rights or licenses.


When seeking a decision to invalidate the design registration of another party, or when your company's registered design is subject to the same kind of challenge from someone else, Asamura Patent Office is there to help. Our highly experienced team of expert patent attorneys can also support you with expert assistance in a wide range of fields.