Expertise grounded in a long history, and a strong overseas network

Expertise grounded in a long history, and a strong overseas network

Asamura Patent Office was originally founded in 1891. It is said that a trademark right is only semi-permanent, and this is because the right can only be maintained as long as its term is continually renewed. The original trademark right acquired for this firm at the time of founding has been continually renewed for more than 120 years until the present. Asamura Patent Office utilizes our long history of accumulated know-how in applications in Japan and overseas to provide solid support for our clients the world over in registering and protecting their trademark and design rights.

Features of the Trademark and Design Department

Feature 1

The Trademark and Design Department comprises more than 10 patent attorneys with expertise in trademarks and designs, and their support staff.
As you would imagine from the scale of the Department and our long history, the number of cases we have handled so far puts us in the top class among patent attorney offices worldwide.

Feature 2

Most of our clients are large corporations, so we cover the whole world, even including cases in countries without a registration system.
We have a solid network with overseas agents, and a track record of applications filed in most countries in the world.


The Department keeps constant track of conditions affecting trade marks and designs in countries the world over.
In recent years agents from overseas have visited us often and held presentations in-house on systems and operations in their respective countries. This information is fed back into our work and shared in-house to promote smooth, high-level service.