Asamura Patent Office is proud to support our clients with a team of experts who bring their extensive knowledge and experience of the intricacies of each country's patent laws. In addition, their technical expertise covers the fields of patent and utility model registration, appeals against an examiner's decision of refusal, appeals and trials for invalidity or for corrections, litigation for cancellation of a trial or appeal decision, and expert advice whether Japan or overseas. In order to ensure our clients enjoy unhampered usage of their intellectual property rights, we have put together a team in combination with lawyers from Asamura Law Offices that enables us to provide a supporting or representative role in the areas of issuing licenses and warnings and in legal action in the case of infringements.

Features of the Patent Department

Feature 1

The Patent Department consists of two departments, with experts in each field working in tandem.

Having high level expertise in the technical field concerned makes for effective handling of application and registration procedures. Yet, the fact is that high level complex technologies encompass a variety of different technical fields. To enable us to respond to our clients' needs in a flexible way, our patent division comprises two departments that operate in a mutual, organic alliance. It is often the case that machinery related and electronics related technical fields are intricately connected. For this reason, we established the Mechanical and Electrical Department, to provide a system that operates flexibly.

Features of the Patent Department

Feature 2

We hold frequent meetings on a regular or as-needed basis, allowing our members to continually share their knowledge and information.

Committees formed from members of the two patent departments and selected members from other departments collect and analyze information, enabling us to deal swiftly and flexibly with patent practice matters and with amendments affecting laws in countries the world over. The results are distributed throughout the firm and to our clients.

Feature 3

Support for our patent attorneys is provided by highly trained staff who are divided into two sections.

Naturally, registration and application work demands substantive input, and must be highly reliable in terms of procedural work and managing procedural time limits. At Asamura Patent Office our trained, specialist support staff from two sections, enabling them to handle the necessary procedures with optimum efficiency coordinated with the specialist field concerned and with the client's needs. From the technical side and the procedural side, and using specialist software and hardware systems developed in-house over many years, Asamura Patent Office maintains the highest standard of trustworthiness and reliability.

Clients for Applications in Japan

The following is a selection of applicants represented by Asamura Patent Office among unexamined applications for Japanese patents published since January 2012.

North America

Green Incorporated (US)
Chevron USA Incorporated (US)
Texas Instruments Incorporated (US)
Chemtura Corporation (US)
The Gleason Works (US)
The Regents of the University Of Michigan (US)
Jacobs Vehicle Systems Incorporated (US)
Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Incorporated (US)
PPG Industries Ohio Incorporated (US)
Praxair Technology Incorporated (US)
FPInnovations (Canada)


ARM Limited (UK)
Hexcel Limited (UK)
Biosensors International Group Limited (British Overseas Territory of Bermuda)
NeuroSearch A/S (Denmark)
Andritz (Finland)
Stora Enso (Finland)
Foster Wheeler Energia (Finland)
Scania CV (Sweden)
Hoganas (Sweden)
UCB Pharma (Belgium)
Taminco (Belgium)
Cytec Surface Specialties (Belgium)
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A. (Switzerland)
Kistler Holding AG. (Switzerland)
Sulzer Mixpac (Switzerland)
Sulzer Chemtech Limited (Switzerland)
Element Six (Germany)


SK Planet Company Limited (Republic of Korea)
SK Telecom Company Limited (Republic of Korea)

Emerging Economies

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Arabia)
Centro de Ingenieria Genetica y Biotecnologica (Cuba)
Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Brazil)


Asahi Kasei Corporation
TIX Holdings Company Limited
Hitachi Limited
Sumitomo Forestry Company Limited
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Limited
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Daido Metal Company Limited
Nitto Boseki Company Limited
Eisai R&D Management Company Limited

※Applicants, without titles, in no particular order.

※Asamura Patent Office has earned the trust of clients the world over. We aim to build on and further strengthen that relationship of trust with our clients.

Technical fields handled by the Patent Department

  • Aircraft
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Distribution
  • Packaging and containers
  • Ships and vessels
  • Metals
  • Medical instruments
  • Optical instruments
  • Plant monitoring
  • Control devices
  • Inspection equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Network devices
  • Home appliances
  • Digital and analog circuits
  • Automotive
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Security
  • Encryption processes
  • Images
  • Audio and other signal processing
  • Semi conductors/devices/materials
  • Pharmaceuticals (including medical, agricultural, formulations and drug delivery)
  • Organic and inorganic materials (including semiconductors, fibers and microparticles)
  • Food products
  • Cosmetics
  • Biotechnology
  • Electrochemistry
  • Polymer molecules
  • Petroleum refining/petrochemistry
  • Chemical engineering
  • Environmental protection and recovery technology
  • Other

Asamura Patent Office: Experts in Related Applications in Overseas Jurisdictions

Asamura Patent Office is an international patent office that has constructed an excellent business model within Japan that caters to all clients' needs. More than 90% of the applications we handle for our top-level Japanese and overseas clients have a related application in a foreign jurisdiction. We therefore assist both applicants from overseas seeking to register in Japan, and Japanese applicants seeking to register overseas. The record of cases we have handled over the last 10 years shows that we have filed more than 12,000 applications with the Japan Patent Office for our overseas clients. We have filed more than 15,000 applications in patent offices of foreign jurisdictions for Japanese clients. Asamura Patent Office is trusted the world over by top level companies?the record speaks for itself.

Serving our clients with high-level communication capabilities, all our legal and technical professionals are involved in both Japanese domestic applications and foreign-related applications. From these professionals through to our highly trained support staff, the entire firm forms an in-house environment in which all staff members utilize high-level foreign language and communication skills. These high-level skills enable us to meet all our clients' needs.

Asamura Patent Office is a firm that provides accurate advice about Japanese patent laws, but is experienced in filing patent applications in countries and jurisdictions the world over. Although we have a very high level of experience in foreign-related applications, we are truly the experts when it comes to dealing with domestic applications to the Japan Patent Office. We are proud to be able to provide our clients with accurate advice provided from a broad perspective thanks to our extensive experience in foreign related applications.

Asamura Patent Office: Experts in Related Applications in Overseas Jurisdictions
Ratio of applications from Japan to overseas (by country and region, based on 2012 figures and excluding PCT applications)
Ratio of applications from Japan to overseas (by country and region, based on 2012 figures and excluding PCT applications)

North America: 38.2%
Europe (including EPC): 16.6%
Asia (China, South Korea, India etc.): 25.5%
Developing economies (South America, Southeast Asia etc.): 12.4%
Other: 7.3%