From the Senior Managing Partner

From the Senior Managing Partner

Message from the Senior Managing Partner

I look forward to taking up my appointment as the fourth Senior Managing Partner of Asamura Patent Office from January, 2014.
Asamura Patent Office has been engaged in the intellectual property business in Japan since our founding in 1891, making us the longest serving patent office in the nation.
I believe the reasons we have been able to provide our clients with the highest quality intellectual property services over the years are that we accurately grasp society's needs as they change with the times, and keep customer satisfaction in the forefront of our minds.

Asamura Patent Office responds swiftly to the needs of our clients, who use our intellectual property services in Japan and countries the world over. There is an ongoing uptrend in the number of international applications we handle. We will continue to serve our clients with the kind of service that reflects the unique features of this Firm, and contribute to the intellectual services we provid and not be shackled by our prior customs to our clients.

Going forward, we will be providing the kind of intellectual property services that keep our customers satisfied and earn their trust, ensuring that each member of the Firm views their work from the client's perspective, accurately grasping the client's requirements. We are serious about living up to our name as a longstanding and respected intellectual property service provider.

To achieve that, we renovated our internal management systems in 2012 to provide immediately the latest information to our clients, and formed the Project Team to ensure we are able to swiftly respond to our clients' needs.

We would welcome an opportunity to assist you in all your intellectual property related needs.

Ken Kanai, Senior Managing Partner
Asamura Patent Office, p.c.